To learn more about BTIG's Corporate Access programs, please contact either Oliver Wiener at (212) 593-7528 or David Lenchus at (212) 527-3579.

Corporate Access

Connecting Issuers with Investors. Addressing Investment Themes.

BTIG's Corporate Access Group leverages our global network of institutional relationships to connect issuers with investors. Our Corporate Access Group process emphasizes introductions that are timed to address current and developing investment themes. We are able to maintain fluid communication with our client base through our more than 175 sales traders in 14 global offices.

BTIG Corporate Access events are held in large and small metropolitan markets where the importance is to locate an introduction that is beneficial to both issuer and investor. Introductions include one-on-one and group meetings, field trips and roundtable discussions and both group and direct conference calls. We also utilize industry veterans and consultants in group settings for sector perspective. These meetings are driven by Q & A rather than a presentation. Post presentation, we deliver feedback via

BTIG events include companies that range in market capitalization from small to large cap in different industries. We also work closely with our Research and Strategy Group to broaden the investor understanding of names under coverage. Industries where we have hosted events include: healthcare, media, telecommunications, technology, consumer, energy, financials, real estate, industrials and resources. Recent investor meetings have included: a liquefied natural gas fieldtrip, data center tours, cloud computing panel discussions, housing construction recovery, energy storage and distribution and agricultural supply and demand events.