The Sales Trader Crossing Network

BTIG has created one of the most agile and efficient global equity crossing networks in the industry. We employ over 150 equity-focused sales traders worldwide with nine US offices and four international affiliate locations. Our mission is to leverage our global relationships and access regional market color to proactively source natural liquidity and execute precision trades on behalf of our clients.

BTIG professionals average 15 years of experience and are recognized for their ability to enter and exit even the most sensitive positions with minimal market impact. We protect our clients’ order confidentiality and maintain their anonymity at all times. We consistently provide effective price discovery in thin markets as well as seamless execution in more liquid names. We seek the shortest distance between a buyer and seller and deliver cost-effective and discreet trades.

At BTIG, our commitment to provide natural liquidity in a secure and trusted environment is just one of the reasons why we have become a top-ranked global firm. Our commitment to high-touch service is the other. At BTIG, each client, large or small, receives our premier service, a level of attention many firms usually reserve for only their largest clients. Our clients work with a single point of contact whose goal is to understand their investment objectives and manage even the most complex trades with precision from beginning to end.