Global Portfolio and ETF Trading

Commitment to Execution Quality and Service.

Utilizing a systematic approach to portfolio implementation, BTIG's Global Portfolio trading team is focused on achieving the best performance for their clients. The team's knowledge of estimating impact cost and market risks aids in determining an optimal execution strategy for portfolio rebalances, trim trades, funding, liquidations, cash inflows/outflows and index events. While protecting their clients' order confidentiality and maintaining anonymity, the trading desk can assure minimal information leakage. From pre-trade analytics and order execution to settlement and post-trade reporting, the portfolio trading desk will provide a premium and personalized service.

BTIG's Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) trading desk is dedicated to providing best execution services across a breadth of asset classes including U.S. and International Equities, Fixed Income, and Commodities. We consistently provide effective price discovery in thin ETFs as well as seamless execution in more liquid names by analyzing the liquidity concerns of the underlying assets.