Convertibles and Preferreds

A Trusted Source of Liquidity.

BTIG’s Convertible Securities Group is a trusted source of liquidity and high quality market intelligence for our institutional clients looking to trade and monitor convertible bonds and convertible preferred shares. Our extensive trading capabilities span the corporate capital structure making BTIG an ideal destination to trade and monitor converts and other equity linked products. We combine the deep experience and expertise of our dedicated convertible sales team with the cross asset vision of our sales and trading professionals in our Global Equity and Fixed Income divisions, providing seamless trading and execution.

Our Convertible Sales team has wide-ranging institutional relationships with the entire spectrum of dedicated and crossover investors including Convertible Bond/Arbitrage, Multiple Strategy, Equity/Growth and Income, High Yield, and Distressed Funds. The trading team, with extensive buy side and sell side experience, assist and enhance our clients’ investment performance with an understanding and analysis of Portfolio Management, Valuation, Risk, and Special Situations, along with the highest level of discretion.

BTIG brings to the Convertible Bond market the liquidity of 1,800 deep institutional client relationships, an exceptionally experienced staff and a corporate culture dedicated to the highest level of integrity, skilled performance and customer aligned interests.