Equity Derivatives

Customized Strategies to Optimize Performance and Minimize Risk.

BTIG's Equity Derivatives team provides our clients with access to world-class expertise in equity derivatives strategies that enhance portfolio performance and minimize risk. Working collaboratively with investment managers, we apply our expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of the trade. This includes offering pre-trade analysis, structuring and execution of the trade (using multiple liquidity providers), post-trade management and reporting. We offer all this as part of our ongoing commitment to helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Pre-Trade Analysis & Structure

Our analysts work closely with portfolio managers and traders to develop strategies both for hedging against downturns and leveraging up investment views. We strategize and execute trades with respect to our client's objective and opinion regarding the underlying security-price targets, time horizons, hedging parameters, national exposure and conviction levels. We continuously search for opportunities in names and sectors applicable to our client's needs so we can deliver relevant and insightful trading strategies.

Trade Execution

Tapping a vast network of liquidity providers, BTIG's Equity Derivatives team offers superior execution that's efficient, cost effective and discreet. Through our sophisticated electronic trading platform, we have access to all domestic options exchanges. Because BTIG is an agency-focused execution firm, our interests are always aligned with those of our clients.

Post-Trade Management

Our Equity Derivatives team provides comprehensive post trade management as a value added service aimed at helping our clients succeed. Once a trade is executed, we store its structure in our internal position management system. We continue to provide recommendations to the client on how to best optimize their option structures to create a risk-adjusted return profile that matches their specific trading objectives.