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A Capital Markets Approach to Investment Banking

BTIG traded over 31 billion shares of stock in 2012 due to our un-paralleled execution capabilities and the trust our institutional clients placed in us. Our Corporate Finance Group brings the same values and adds deep transactional experience to assist our clients with their capital-raising needs.

BTIG's Corporate Finance Group seeks to help our clients build the foundation for a successful financing. We accomplish this with frequent investor contact, and, importantly, feedback to company management, so there is a clear understanding of how their company's efforts are viewed in the market.

BTIG's Corporate Finance Group uses an integrated capital markets approach to investment banking where we begin with the analysis of our client's situation and create a pathway to a higher institutional profile for the client. Our goal for each client is to help them build strong, long-term relationships with institutional investors – before, during and after the transaction – and access to capital needed for their growing enterprises.

It is imperative for an emerging growth company to get above market noise – and be heard. The traditional path to "being heard" has been to increase the number of research analysts providing coverage. Our experience has been that this often fails as it tends to just "make noise" and not accomplish the client's ultimate goals. BTIG's Corporate Finance Group focuses on providing companies with the opportunity to be heard by the audience that matters most – the institutional investor.

For the overwhelming majority of institutional investors, the ability to sell a stock is a prerequisite for buying it. Thus a simple premise exists – there needs to be liquidity. Even deep-value or long-term investors have minimum benchmarks for stock liquidity that must be met before a position can be initiated. We believe a company who undertakes clear initiatives to increase their liquidity will expand their pool of investors. As a result, they are better positioned to realize tangible benefits in terms of stock price appreciation and institutional ownership.